VIBEN with Cappriccieo

Association for Urban Independent Music, Inc. would like to thank the following:

Cappriccieo Scates:

  • IG/Twitter: @cappriccieo
  • FB: Cappriccieo-Scates

Cignature Productions

  • YouTube: /dmiseentertainment4
  • FB: cignatureproductions/
  • IG: /cignature12

The 20/20 Lounge at Vision Night Club:

  • FB: @the2020lounge
  • IG: /visionnightclub

KINKY® Beverage:

  • IG/Twitter/
  • FB: @kinkybeverages

Wisdom Enterprise

  • IG: /wisdom_talentmanager_promoter

and all the talented artists and performers who participated in the Iowa Talent Showcase.